Personal Finance is a course which teaches important life skills for students to digitally manage and organize their financial endeavors. Creating and maintaining digital bank accounts as well as career planning and exploration will occur. Students will use Career Cruising to determine potential salaries and expenses involved with careers of interest. Students will create futuristic budgets and other real life based projects in order to prepare for financial success. Microsoft Excel in addition to Microsoft Word will be used along with multiple web 2.0 tools including Moodle, Socrative, edmodo, delicious, Quizlet, Timetoast and more. The district will be using Microsoft Office 2013 to expose students to the most up-to-date version of software used in the business world. An online curriculum will be followed from a company which studies the trends and latest knowledge needed to keep up in the business world. Michigan Merit Curriculum requires an Online Learning Experience for graduation in the state of Michigan. This course will meet that requirement.