Multimedia is an exciting and trending technology course in which students can learn to create fabulous multimedia presentations using advanced technology in photography, music and video. Students will create their own YouTube channels in which presentations will be published to the world! Various formats and platforms will be used and students will be savvy at creating multimedia presentations in both a Mac and Windows environment. Students will also use their 1:1 school assigned iPads to create presentations and integrate mobile technology into presentations on desktop computers. Students will also be involved in comprising impelling and informative videos for the district that will be published on the school web site as well as a video yearbook. Digital citizenship and creating a digital footprint will be covered in class to be sure students are ready for the vast digital world in which they live. Extensive project based learning is used in the online environment and universal design for learning allows students multiple attempts on assessments. Tools in this curriculum will include iMovie, Garage Band, iPhoto, Windows Movie Maker, FotoFusion, Moodle, Gmail, Google Drive/Docs, Dropbox, edmodo, socrative, quizlet, delicious, VoiceThread,, remind101 and more. This is a FULL YEAR course and is worth 1 credit.Michigan Merit Curriculum requires an Online Learning Experience for graduation in the state of Michigan. This course will meet that requirement.