Digital Technologies for the 21st Century - 1 credit if taken for both semesters (highly recommended)

This course is an excellent blended learning technology course in which students learn important life skills using technology. Various new web tools are used to promote collaboration in the classroom and on the world wide web. which results in improved communication skills and a fostering of creativity. Digital citizenship and creating a digital footprint is covered in class to be sure students are ready for the vast digital world in which they live. Teaching students to use social networking safely and responsibly is a vital skill for success in life. Extensive project based learning is used in the online environment and universal design for learning allows students multiple attempts on assessments. Included in the curriculum will be a brief history of technology including how computers work, file management, Internet and e-mail use, iPad integration including mobile digital photography and movie making, the Windows operating system and Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Projects will include teaching students to use computers to manage their life financially as well as organizationally. Tools used in this course also include Moodle, Gmail, Google Drive/Docs, Google Calendars, edmodo, socrative, quizlet, delicious, voicethread,, remind101. This course will integrate student 1:1 school assigned iPads into the curriculum. Advanced Micro is highly recommended in order to get maximum potential from this course.
This course is worth 1 credit if taken for both semesters. Although this course is not currently required, it is highly recommended to help students succeed in high school, college, the work force and life.
Michigan Merit Curriculum requires an Online Learning Experience for graduation in the state of Michigan. This course will meet that requirement.