Health Occupations Core

Prerequisite: None

Health Occupations Core at the Technical Education Center provides students with a core of medical theory and skills needed to enter the health care profession. Core tasks that all students study include: medical ethics, work site and patient safety, infection control, blood born pathogens, assessment, vital signs, communication, emergency procedures (including CPR certification), transporting/transferring/ambulating/positioning, nutrition, hygiene/personal care/comfort, basic medical terminology, medical math and career exploration. Students may choose to participate in a Nurse Aid certification program or they may choose from a variety of Health Care fields for work-based learning/clinical experiences that are completed in nursing homes, hospitals, and private health care offices throughout our community. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from clinical sites, (in some cases existing bus routes may be utilized). This course prepares students for both entry-level job positions and college programs. Advanced placement college credit in is available to students who qualify at Bay De Noc Community College.

Certification: CNA Certified

Health Occupations Medical Terminology

Prerequisite: None

Health Occupations Medical Terminology at the Technical Education Center exposes students to a college level body systems medical terminology course. Medical terminology is required to interact and function clinically in the health care field. This couse is designed to provide a thorough investigation into suffixes, prefixes, and word components. Students will be able to untilize medical terminology as it relates to anatomical structures, path physiology and the general health care field. Three advanced placement college credits are available to students bound for Bay de Noc Community College. Specific criteria must be met to earn these credits.

Earn up to 3 credit as Bay de Noc Community College